Friday, 15 January 2021

Life after Writing

 After spending a couple of years in the career it is apparent that it gets the most of you. You want to keep up with bills and those with loved ones you have another mouth to feed so at some point it is overwhelming especially if you don't have a steady supply of orders/work. I don't want to even get to life after the outbreak and all places that shut down. So it is important to know what to do if nothing works in the writing field or how to live after writing. Some of the issues that are real include:

1. Socialization

Life behind the desk doesn't make you the most available person for a cup of tea! If you are not looking for writing opportunities, you are writing and if you are not writing... etc. I learnt I never had a social life which was not the best thing for someone who was looking forward to settle down in some country home later in life. 

Let's be honest for once, in writing we don't have a life besides the life in words and being behind the screens. So it's not your fault you haven't learnt how to deal with difficult situations especially how to talk to people out there and those who don't seem to be "nice!" This can take a toll on someone. It is important to consider taking a walk every day and make some visits or at least make sure the sun rises as you always knew by going outside!

2. Alternative ways of Earning

I know writing can be an only source of income but most of the time it can have a low season and another way of earning could be a way home. So if I were you I would consider trying another hustle or if writing has been sufficient try something else even if it's gardening. Such should keep someone open to what works.

3. You can always jump to job seeking

No one hates this statement like someone who's been in the field, knows it works & you have earned your living. The truth is if you have graduated from some institution consider pitching your CV wherever you get the chance. It's a world full  of many openings and you never know where yours is.